This year is all about the Monochromatic colour theme!

Less IS more this year, as our brides are no longer looking for a co-ordintated colour scheme but one colour – in a variety of shades!
We love this new trend as it creates a simplistic yet beautiful finish for any big day!

Picking the right colours for your wedding can be a difficult task, but here we have outlined a few ideas to help you get it just right and “bang on” trend throughout 2016.
While your colour scheme is one of the most important decisions you will make, it wont necessarily be the first one. Before choosing your colours, you need to think about your venue and the season you’ve chosen to be married in.

For 2016 winter weddings we recommend choosing a strong colour, like emerald green, navy blue or regal purple – by adding lighter shades of these colours throughout the wedding you can create the perfect, dreamy, monochromatic colour scheme that will leave a dramatic and lasting impression this year.

Coming into the spring sees the start of the brighter, more striking colours of the year. By combining rose pinks and golds, variations of blue or hot shades of mint, you can create a sharp colour scheme to give your weddings that fresh, contemporary finish.

Summer weddings lend themselves to variations of lilacs, oranges and peaches. However, the colour of the year is definitely every shade and variety possible! From pale pastel to rich deep shades, we love it here at Sweetheart Vintage.

Colour really sets the mood at your big day, so whatever your choose this year, let us help you to make sure your surrounded by the colours you love!